Equality & Diversity 

At St Joseph's, we are committed to ensuring that our children have a good understanding of the world that we live in today. It is important that there are no barriers to them being young individuals and becoming whatever they want to be in life.

In line with our school values of Respect, Compassion and Equality, we believe that our children have the right to learn and grow in a world free from discrimination. As an inclusive school, we celebrate the differences that our community shares. We are proud to celebrate, race, religion, culture, physical and learning differences.

Below you will find a list of events celebrated at St Joseph's Catholic Primary School:

Lunar New Year

E-Safety Day

St David's Day

Autism Awareness

National Dyslexia Day

St George's Day


Children's Mental Health Awareness Week

Black History Month


Harvest Festival

Anti Bullying Week

Remembrance Day

Human Rights Day