Autumn Timetable

Music at St Joseph’s

At St Joseph’s, we acknowledge that ALL children are musical and we value music education. As part of the children’s weekly curriculum lessons, they spend a term learning the following instruments:

Year group





Samba Percussion


Toot (TMS wider opportunity project)






Violin (TMS wider opportunity project)




We also have many enrichment musical opportunities during the year to further inspire and encourage the children to be musical. These have included a group from Y6 going to sing at a local residential home at Christmas time, a Y5 class visiting a local secondary school for a singing workshop, every child takes part in a Playground Performance once a year, a whole school Music Day in the summer term, music on the playground on Thursday lunchtimes and a visit to the Panto at Christmas! Please see our Twitter page for examples of the children’s musical experiences!

As well as this, we have many extra-curricular opportunities for those who want to pursue their musical skills further. These include choir, school band, guitar and ukulele after school clubs. Information on how to sign up found on this page:

If any child wants to learn an instrument in school either in an individual lesson or group lesson, Trafford Music Service provide lessons on a variety of instruments. Please click here for instruments offered, prices and how to get in touch:

St Joseph’s Primary School | Trafford Music Service


For those who want to get in involved in a local ensemble, Trafford Music Service run a variety of ensembles for voice or instrument, more info here : Timetable | Trafford Music Service

There are also other local choirs and singing groups such as Little Belters | Choir classes in Manchester and Cheshire should children want to further their singing skills.

Celebration of Work: